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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

A quick need-to-know of tea

The benefits of drinking tea are numerous but in short, tea is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and many varieties are super-foods we should not live without.

Legend has it that tea was discovered when a leaf fell into the Chinese Emperor' s bowl of hot water (Emperor Shen Neun 2,737 BC) and the rest is history!

There are four varieties of tea: #Blacktea, #Oolongtea, #Greentea and #Whitetea.

The Skinny of Tea

Tea can assist with overall wellness and good health. There is research that supports it also assists in good heart health, reducing risk of stroke, encourages weight loss, is more beneficial that coffee with less caffeine and is a super food that support your immune system. Read more about #tea in general.

Tea is awesome energy for you, your body and your aura. Remember energy is transactional and you get what you give. Get the benefits of tea with our seasonal #AquaVerdiCollection. Teas, tisanes and the ancient knowledge and science of, can assist you in re-shaping your energy in a gentle yet powerful way.

Our seasonal #AquaVerdiCollection includes a selection of awesome gut-gear recipes that are pH conscious and founded on the essence of water or 'green water' that hacks you and your awesome to the next level while feeding your gut or as we know now, the second brain. Thus, Bio-active nourishing ingredients for more #happiness, #harmony and #beauty.

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