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20% ++ joy, wellness and...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Implement this daily practice for 10-60 minutes daily and amp-up you, your happiness and your well-being!

Experience what contemporary research reveals on the ancient know-how of mediation, a practice that is over 5,000 years old. In short, a daily meditative practice for (21) consecutive days, can raise your level of happiness, joy and ++ by c. 20% or more!! This harkens research from Stanford University published in 2016 as well as other universities and the Heartmath Institute, though not only.

Raising your joy, happiness, peace 20%++ just by implementing a daily practice of mediation is so much better than what most meds can do…Seems our indigenous ancestors and ancient medicine men knew a lot more than big pharma shares with us in this day and age. So fire and re-wire new neurons that allow more happiness, joy and wellness in your life.

Meditation is also immune boosting, anti-aging, tunes-up your skin, vibes-up you energy and, and, and...

Check our About Meditation ebook and/or jump right in and enjoy some our user friendly curated Energy Tune-up Meditationals here.

Here's to more bliss, joy and peace in your life!!!

(c) 2020 and/or on Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe All rights reserved.

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