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5x times a week to lengthen your life

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Do this five times a week and and cross the river of change...

Do this five times a week and cross the river of change by lengthening your life span and re-move dis-ease from your reality.

But not only. Doing "this" is soooooo good for you; your body; your soul that it not only lengthens your telomeres, the parts of our DNA that determine how long we will or will not live but it is a catalyst for your body to produce 1,300-1,400 chemicals (hormones and alike) in your body that make you feel GRRREAT!!!

What is this thing that so many are raving about? It is meditation.

What is Mediation?

It is the simple practice of mindful breathing, contemplation, reflection and/or prayer; an act of a written and/or spoken discourse expressing thoughts on a subject; mindfully aligning the physical and non-physical energetic bodies. It is minimal not complex. In fact, it facilitates heart-brain coherence. It is a modality where energy changes matter.

In fact, meditation can be listening to good music; focusing on breath work; re-balancing your Chakras with a guided verbal and/or instrumental meditation and/or just quieting you from the external world while focusing on you and your internal world. It works best when you are mindful of your breathing; feeling positive emotion and just being in the present moment.

So Slow Down to go Faster!

Sounds like a paradox but it's real...Discover how to slow down while exponentially becoming more aligned and productive with more of what you are and desire.

Science can not substantiate what the ancients have been swearing by for over 5,000 years (ie. the benefits and practice of meditation). So go meditate! What are you waiting for??? What do you have to loose? What do you have to gain?

And if you need some inspiration, check out our cool and easy mediational tune-ups to get started. Choose from our selection of meditations beginning with Why Not Meditate? or drop-into alpha mode with Classical Harmony or tune-up and re-balance your energy with Reiki Chakra Balance. All three meditations are 10 to 20 minutes. Your choice and of course, you can layer, mix and mingle all of our meditations just like a music playlist.

Go-on, create more heart-brain coherence in your life, lengthen your telomeres, turn back the clock of time and live well; long in grace, agility and abundance with much joy for life.

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