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9 Things to Purge Daily

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Commit to purging "9" things for your life daily and reap the infinite rewards!

There is much; many Re: the concept of "9". We see the Pythagorean philosophical reference which dates back to Ancient Greece. The power of "9" is primordial. It symbolizes much but in minimal terms, it is the ending of one cycle and the beginning to-be of the new.

This concept also alludes to the ancient Chinese Tao and it's philosophy. Thus, the purging what no longer serves to make space for the new. This ideology is also appropriated in the ancient art of space organization and arrangement of Feng Shui.

Marie Kondo, the Japanese professional who works with the art of de-cluttering and tiding alludes to these concepts in her iconic book. Certainly worth a read if you haven't already read it .

Alas, let us not be side-tracked...

Commit to purging "9" items from you life daily such as cloths, toys, paper, no-use toiletry/beauty items, chatchkies, books, furniture, and/or whatever that is holding vital space. (ie. thus, rendering it temporarily dead space.

Why? By de-cluttering, purging daily, you reap the infinite rewards of allowing and re-viving more vital space for the new. Thus, whatever it is you want to bring forth into your life.

This practice of purging daily should also be done with your physical/non-physical energies (i.e. purging negative thoughts, patterns, habits, junk food, etc.) that are holding vital space in your space!

Do the calculation...If you purge (9) items daily that is (63) items weekly; and (252) things monthly...Or (13,608) things annually out of your life that no longer are use-ful!!! And you said unto the mountain, "Move" and the mountain moved! Make space for more of what you want and re-move what you no longer want...

Purge, purge, purge and re-vive, re-new and re-generate the everything and nothing from your home, office, head-space, heart-space plus! Check-out our some of our guided energy tune-ups, meditations, beauty/wellness signature recipes and/or food curatorials such as our Classical Harmony, Chakra Tune-up, D-Tox Mouthwash and/or Imperial Broth plus more.

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