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A recipe for everything!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Logos suggests there is a recipe for everything and nothing...

What is the recipe and what is a recipe?

The origins of the word, "recipe", date back to 15 century Italy. The etymology is derived from the Latin (recipere) meaning to " to take; receive". First used as instruction for medicinal remedy; prescription, it serves as a written advise; protocol and/or directive for combining; mixing various ingredients to achieve a desired result.

So it possible there is a recipe for everything... Whether it be a tummy ache, brain fog, good habit, more energy, happiness, more love in your life, better relationships, finance, career and even good character, etc. The list is infinite much beyond our conditioned sphere of thinking like the aspirin for a headache.

Recipe for Good Character

The 4th century BC, Ancient Greek Philosopher denotes in his Book of Ethics that virtue can and should be used to shape/re-shape good character by transforming our virtues into daily habits. The virtue of character can be described as a means. Aristotle reminds that virtue of thinking needs education, experience and time, virtue of character (moral virtue) comes forth as a consequence of instilling (installing and following) virtuous habits into our life. "Good Character Happens When We Turn Our Virtue(s) into Habit", denotes ARISTOTLE. This is the recipe for good character.

How we do something is how we do everything and shaping/re-shaping our habits through our virtues and values via our habitual practices then shapes/re-shapes us as a person. Aristotle also goes on in length to emphasize this ideology. So, its fair to say, everything has a recipe from the good food you eat or do not to the good habits you put forth into practice or do not.

Looking for a RECIPE to grow your happiness; slim-down, high-energy food, better skincare, spiritual hygiene and/or good character...??? Check-out the Signature Recipe Collection. Start practicing a new habit/ritual for (30) days, to install and instill into your life.

And weed your garden (ie. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) re-move what no longer "nourishes" body, mind, heart and soul and re-plant the seeds; flowers you desire.

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