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Aloe Inside-out

Aloe vera is like a small miracle.

It has been used and coveted for more than 6,000 years since Ancient Egypt who regarded it as a miracle plant or the "plant of immortality" as well as the Ancient Greeks who valued (L. Aloevera or Aloe barbadensis) as a universal panacea. Legend has it that Alexander the Great conquered vast territories in coastal Africa to secure groves of Aloe vera for his army. As such, this botanical has been treated as a treasure throughout much of Western civilization.

The Nutritional Value & Internal Benefits of Aloe

As an ever-green botanical and succulent, Aloe vera is loaded with hundreds of nutrients. Some of the more important nutritional values are included but not limited to:

Anti-Inflammatory properties

A BIG anti-inflammatory botanical, Aloe vera contains “Anthraquinones”. This compound protects against liver dis-ease, kidney dis-ease, cancer and supports your adrenals to name a few. Aloe provides (12) unique Anthraquinones.

Digestive Enzymes

Divgestive enzymes are multi-taskers. They are essential in metabolizing carbs, proteins and macronutrients such as fat. Consuming food rich in these enzymes assists in building and re-building better Gut Health. Re-member your Gut is your Second Brain and produces a multitude of hormones such as almost 80% of your happiness hormone, Seratonin.

Excellent foods with key enzymes include: ginger, kiwis, avocados and bananas but not only. Aloe vera itself contains (8) Digestive enzymes single handedly which also assist inflammation reduction while other breakdown fat and sugars.

Amino Acids

The multi-taskers of protein builders! There are (20) key Amino Acids that our body needs for vital processes and it can only produce half those enzymes independently, thus, it needs to out-source the rest of these “essential amino acids” and Aloe vera contains (7) out of those nine "essential amino acids".


Packed full of multi-vitamins such as A (which aids the immune & reproductive systems); B12 which assures blood cells wellness and assists in creating new DNA; C being a XL anti-inflammatory while promoting skin wellness and staving-off oxidation and E also an essential for the well-being of our immune system.


Aloe vera is flush in minerals which promote bone well-being, regulate blood pressure and assist metabolic function. These include: calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Additionally, by consuming Aloe vera, the micronutrients also aid in relieving gastro reflux (GERD) or what causes heartburn. Research revealed from the National Library of Medicine found in a (2015) study that consuming Aloe vera twice daily, can assist in re-solving these issues with no adverse effects.

Likewise, another study from (2015) suggests, Aloe vera also can lower blood sugar while assisting with better blood-sugar levels, reduce body fat and weight in general. What a super-power!!!

Want more of our proprietary R&D. Stay tuned.

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