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Curving oxidation with pH

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

What can we learn from water? And how should we drink it for optimum benefits?

We are mostly water. So what is the quality of water you are drinking, allowing your family to drink and how is it affecting your happiness, wellness and beauty for better or worse?

Drink Clean and Pure

Always ensure that your source of water is clean, pure because you "we become what we eat" and drink as our bodies are 70%+ water.

What other toxic chemicals, bacteria and/or heavy metals are in the water we drink? This is an absolute need to know for maintain and/or re-shaping our wellness and abundance. If there is Florium which is common US side, you should use a water inverter to remove it or Chlorium, common in Europe but not exclusive to, a carbon filter will do the job. But having said all this, the two solutions above do not solve the pH status of your water though only clean it. No you must ensure that it is alkaline.

Stunning Knowledge that Ended-up at the Bottom of the Bucket

Alkaline water preserves wellness and staves of dis-ease notes the Nobel Laureate in Science c. 1930

The science of drinking Alkaline water is something that scientists have known for decades, in fact, it was a Nobel Laureate in the 1930's who touted that a key to wellness is premised upon keeping the Human body's pH in the range 7.2-7.4. But it is not exclusively about alkalinity only. It seems that an alkaline neutral environment facilitates the body's electrical charge on a cellular level thus, allowing the energetic vibrational resonance to flow without resistance but that's another topic of discussion...

Glow-up With Our Freebie

Because we are in love with humanity living better, we want to share our basic essential #MIY recipe for our "AAA Water" (awesome alkalizing aqua) .

R E C I P E ++

  • 1 liter filtered, pure, clean water

  • 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon (juice only)

  • 1-2 sprigs of fresh mint, lemon verbena and/or Thyme (optional)


Prepare daily and consume entire contents.

If you like our recipe, check-out the amped-up version #AquaVerdiCollection that brings you more of this awesome, wellness, happiness and beauty and our #Gutgear recipes. Stay well. Stay radiant!

(c) 2019 All rights reserved. @food.philosophy.reframe and @gfzaimis

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