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De-tox your sex life and mojo...

Life hacks for your sex life and daily mojo!

Toxins, toxicity and toxic load are often quite neglected if acknowledged on a daily basis. But as Hippocrates doth re-mind..."We are what we eat", think, feel and do....

And especially all those xenogens which are XL endocrine interrupts and disrupts...let talk scent, lube jobs, aromatics and atomizing energy tune-ups!

Your Signature Scent

In the animal kingdom, an animal courtier will only mate with the courted IF s/he likes their scent. If not, forget it, nope not going there; bye Filicia! Even dogs give people the big-sniff when they meet someone, thus, the deciding factor in be-ing friend or foe.

In fact, nature uses this preservation mechanism to ensure animals as well as primates "mate" with like energies who they like their scent. Sure its a natural pheromone, chemical thing...or in essence chemistry of two which affords that any off-spring are shaped, co-created less genetic anomaly.

Soooo, what's your natural scent and what's your signature scent? Whatever it is or is not, heads-up when selecting and acquiring your eau de toilette, parfum, scented waters, massage oils, scented space sprays, bath aromatics and/or aromatic candles ... Ensure they are of natural and even better orgainic origins, primarily as some of the most toxic xenogens are fragrances from a bottle. WHY? Because they can re-engineer your Endocrine System (ie. your natural pharmacy) which allows your sex and mojo to get it up; get it on or NOT!

Lube Ideologies

Look into lubricating the machine, so to speak...Instead of chemical based gels or lubricants, why not experiment with water-based gels which are also safe to use with latex (ie. condoms, toys, etc.).

If you are good without the latex, fully knowing you are in mutually protected, monogamous dialogue or go fly solo, then experiment with the luxurious and holistic body lubricants that are Coconut based and/or with other organic botanical. (Note to self: do not use with latex!) Even your bottle of Organic Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil you find on your shelf words wonders and is much, much more healthy for you/your partner. And your "V" and/or "P" will officially thank you as there are an endless list of benefits that the amazing Coconut can provide

Aromatic Ideologies

Combine your favorite Essential Oil (6 drops) for every four tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil and mix your martini mood-maker for your and your honey. Note that various Essential Oils elevate your sense and sensuality, so do your research.

Tune-Up with Atomizing Mists

Yes, you can officially jump-start your mojo and sex drive by cleansing your Aura. Your un-seen energetic body that we all have. Test drive our clean, green Aura Cleansing Mist,our Energy Tune-up Mists designed for your Root Chakra and/or your Sacral Chakra.

And last but never least, de-tox and clean the energy in your bedroom with our Room Clearing Mist for the home #Recipe and protocol. There is much to be learned and said about not just cleaning but re-moving, clearing, neutralizing and/or transforming the unseen dirt and gunk that lurks in non-physical as EMFs, eSmog, hidden toxins and, and, and in your home and bedroom which could be punking your energy, sex life and/or mojo!

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