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Dirty salt, please!

"Food as medicine," Hippocraticly speaking.

Why is a dirty martini better than a regular one? Is it subjective or relative? Maybe both but the "why" of dirty salt (aka. Gray Salt) is not. Chemically, physically, biologically and practically it is superior. Some might say, it is just one of the small yet vital miracles given to humanity according to biblical sources.

Salt's Eternal Flame

The history of world trade, cuisine, humanity, religion and spirituality would be very different without salt. We are not speaking of the adulterated Table Salt which is a death wish created in a laboratory BUT rather the real-deal found in nature. A super food literally that offers wellness, vitality and. Today there are about (10) varieties: Table Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink, Fleur de Sel, Black Salt, Red Salt, Persian Blue, Smoked Salt, Kosher Salt and Grey Salt.

Salt is a Treasure and Currency

Truth is salt is treasure and a highly coveted commodity from the ancient world. Salt was one of the greatest treasures of the ancient world. Production facilities dedicated to the mineral provided work for many people, but now most of the sites are destroyed or hidden deeply under the ground and buildings of modern cities. However, there are still a few impressive sites which document the work of people who produced an ancient symbol of luxury. Moreover, the tradition of the use of the salt is very old. In ancient times a person who owned a salt pond, cave and/or was very wealthy.

Apart from Europeans, the Chinese, Hittites, Hebrews, Egyptians, Sumerians and other civilizations also valued salt. It is unclear who used salt first, but it is very clear that humans were using salt long before written texts existed. Salt was popular in the Roman Empire and early Roman Republic. The Roman Legions sometimes used salt as currency. Due to the high value of salt, an ancient Roman proverb is quoted as saying that people who did their job well were “worth their salt.” (Or “worth their weight in salt.”) We also know in ancient Rome, people created salt pools in sunny spaces. They were used as salt “factories”. A person who had a salt pond or pool was known as one of the richest among the community.

In fact, salt became one the most important traded commodities allowing for changes in the ancient economy and spreading of trade routes. With time, salt extraction methods also evolved from the sea pools to caves and alike.

Today similar to antiquity, salt NOT sodium is also currency for longevity, balanced health, vitality and wellness.

The Myth and Miracle of

Salt is a very powerful metaphor in Biblical scripture which further emphasizes its importance in the ancient world. For example, Jesus said “you are the salt of the earth.” In the Old Testament, salt has multiple references and ritual meaning. In another part of the Bible, Jesus tells his followers to have salt within them. Salt appears in many parts of the Bible as a symbol of wealth or something that is vital. 2

I have also seen it referenced in Biblical scripture that the Divine imparted know-how transfer to Noah (who coincidentally or not lived to be 900 and change years old) which shaped a text entitled, the Book of Life within it containing knowledge for maintaining the temple of the soul (i.e. human body) in wellness; longevity. Thus, salt is one of the holy grail, essentials. In fact, the word salt is mentioned in the bible over forty times. It is written that the Divine gave specific instruction that his children salt their offerings, grains and meats as a means of purifying them prior to eating. Source: Christian/Judea scripture Yet is seems some salt is more equal than equal and dirty salt or Grey Salt is one of these varieties.

Grey Salt is colored by the clay from where it's harvested and is often called, Celtic Sea Salt. It is hand-raked in Brittany, France and the surrounding southern Mediterranean, where the natural clay and sand create moist, mineral-rich crystals. This salt generally retains its moistness. Grey Salt can help restore electrolyte balance, has alkalizing properties and can prevent muscle cramps, much like pink salt. Thus, a bit more expensive, due to the labor intensive process of hand-raking but so worth the investment. 1

Wellness and Longevity

Chemically, speaking, salt and Grey Salt particularly are an awesome alkalizing agent for pH as well as a magnet for the Bcl-2 protein (super tough exo-skeleton) which is what the average cancer cell's exterior is made of. Upon contact with the properties of Grey Salt, the cancer cells begin to self-destruct. Seems Grey Salt just loves to gobble this mutant protein up and well, 1 + 1 = 2, so you the math..! Myth or miracle? Maybe both!

There is a personal account of pre/post test results of before and after using Grey Salt regarding the re-balancing of blood sugar. Prior to incorporating it into a dietary regime, there were symptoms and stats of elevated blood sugar but post Grey Salt, after the inception of usage, clarity of crisp vision returned within days, additional symptoms retreated and test results normalized!

Impressive stuff but don't believe us. Do your own research and test drive! Also, check-out the blog for more perks and benefits of salt types as research confirms knowing the "why" increases its effectiveness by 40%++!!

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