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Happiness hacking your hormones

Updated: Jan 12

Your internal ‘pharmacy’ of happiness and hormones are the power...not a bottle nor pill.

It is in you and your hormonal pharmacy. And your chemicals are far more powerful than anything your local pharmacist or doc could ever prescribe!!! So, learn how to wield and hack them with ease and grace.

Social Media loves to use this chemical of ours to reward you or you love to allow them…But why not use our innate “dopamine” and liken it to the smell of fresh bread, a pie baking in the oven or improving your lifestyle, wellness while amping-up your joy, happiness and ++?


“Dopamine” is our natural reward chemical or hormone. Use it wise-ly by hacking your happiness and not just a quick fix via FB or Whatsapp.

Get your shot or shot-ters of dopamine daily. These are some quick; easy and practical suggestions and methodologies that hack more dopamine into your day:

  • Celebrate the XL and little victories

  • Treat yourself to eating more delicious, natural, fresh food

  • Acknowledge daily your accomplishments & tasks whether big or small

  • And last be never, ever least, investing in self-care activities.

We are firm believers, we, the people don’t need more health care but rather self-care.

So whether that includes a new skincare mask, a dietary detox, body, hand or foot massage, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, grounding yourself next to a tree in the park or forest or conscious breath work and/or mediation of any form. Or even just allowing yourself to sleep more. Quality sleep is highly threptic and has soooo many benefits.

These are just some value-added self-care suggestions. More hacks up soon. Test drive some our self-caring Skincare Curatorials and/or our Energy Tune-ups as well as soothing tunes like Harmony that drop you into Alpha Mode!!!

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