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Happiness hacks for life

Food Philosophy Re-framed with ancient and modern ingredient technology.

"You be-come the grain you eat", the ancient scripture writes...

So re-frame your the food you eat - physically, mentally, emotionally & level-up your #energy, the currency of #happiness, the new #it, forever!

Remember that old saying your Mother would repeat like a broken record when you were a kid..."You are what you eat"? This simple ideology is the cornerstone of our existence. But still we unknowingly allow the junk, the little-Big toxins and other things to punk, re-program and wreak havoc with our bodies keeping our vibe at low-rez.

Simply, "everything is energy" and the nature of energy is vibrational. All energy carries a frequency and is re-active just as the food we eat. Energy is also transactional; so, you get what you give. We then become the 'food we eat' energetically and metaphorically. But food is not only the sustenance we feed our hungry mouths...It is also our thoughts that feed our minds, the emotions feeds that feed our hearts and souls and our actions shape and re-shape our reality everyday.

This is were our mini meditations, energy tune-ups, signature recipes and Happiness Hacks can assist in re-framing your “food philosophy" through conscious "eating”. With help from the Ancient Greeks, we can better re-align our understanding on the how, what and why we should "eat" to feed and fuel our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; inside-out. The act of "eating" is sacred like praying or loving. "Eating" well is basic spiritual hygiene and knowledge empowers. There is much power in your pantry just waiting to be re-discovered BUT only if you re-empower your know-how!

Check out our amazing #energy #tune-ups or amp up your mojo with our Reiki Rejuvenate Love Meditation or level-up your verve, daily energy, better digestion while de-toxing your body and skin with our Black Ginger Signature-Recipe with some of our awesome happiness hacks.

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