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Heart over head re-tunes many; much!

What’s the new about Heart Over Head practices and like benefits??? They are many; exponential!!! But you don't have to hang-up side down and spit green jelly beans to get these benefits...Do it the easy way!

Short of the long, there is ALOT a-do but we will go into the details of the details in our Heart Brain Coherence eBook and Energy Tune-up (forthcoming...) with our full list that goes beyond skin deep. But for now, lets talk growing your glow and more radiant, youthful skin...

Our hit-list focuses today on SKIN.

The skin is our largest organ and thus needs un-constricted blood supply that is oxygen flush to keep this organ as well as many fresh and re-freshed. Remember beauty, wellness and the likes are always an inside job first and foremost.

Get more youthful, firmer, smooth and toned-up skin! You can achieve this easily with a few simple physical exercises that put your heart literally above you head.

For instance, the Yoga Pose “Downward Dog” does this and yes, this is one of the Yoga inversions, I advocate as it is fairly easy, straight forward and you do not have to be a Yogi to do it.

Secondly, the Yoga Pose, “Child’s Pose” also does this too as well as simply sitting on a chair and putting your head between your legs.

Any of these (3) poses should be held for 20-60 seconds at a time with a series of (3-6) repetitions daily, as you are able, while focusing on your breath.

And last BUT NEVER least, if there is any discomfort while executing any exercise, use common sense simply take a pause, a breather and relax. Pain does NOT facilitate faster results despite contrary belief. Stay well and stay toned and tuned-up. Peace!!!

And, and knowing the "why" of anything and nothing, increases its effectiveness c. 20% so, says research.

© 2020 and/or Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe All rights reserved.

Images as noted courtesy Destination Yoga

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