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Hot, hot, hot...water!!!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Drinking the hot is a super power and greatly beneficial especially in times of coronavirus, flu and..!

Why should you re-prioritize hot water, hot tonics and hot broth vs. warm or cold as your-go-to Re: flu and the coronavirus...

Hot Water and Hot Tonics, Hot Broth and Alike DISABLE the Coronavirus. The CDC and we advocate this ideology and qualify "hot" as (in the case of the cornavirus) c. 26*C = 79*F or higher. So get your hot water in-hand or preferably some of our hot tonics, hot broths and alike a brewing...!

Here's the AAA list of "why"

#1. Disables the Coronavirus

According to the CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and others, drinking hot water and/or alike beverages of 26*C = 79*F or higher DISABLES or kills this particular virus, though not exclusive too, as well as other harmful flu strands, bacteria and viruses.

#2. Clears Respiratory Congestion

Hot water is a great remedial for the common cold and/or allergies. It naturally dissolves phlegm and clears the air passage ways. It is also soothing for the throat and stomach.

#3. Enhances Circulation

Drinking hot water allows the body to break down fatty deposits that are present in the blood stream. The warmth of the water increase blood circulation and induces muscle relaxation.

#4. Hot Water Prevents Pre-Oxidation and Premature Aging

Hot water improves skin elasticity by aiding cellular repair. Additionally, it flushes compounds out of the body that promote accelerated oxidation. It also de-toxes your body by raising your temperature so toxins can leave the body via sweating. The extra hydration flushes the kidneys and the adrenals to expel waste and toxins.

#5. Boosts Weight Loss

When we drink cold water, our body clamps down and holds onto energetic resources; however, warm water allows our body to harmonize and release waste, resources from our physical body. It also can re-boot your metabolism (calorie burning rate) as it increase body temperature.

#6. Aids Digestion

Similar to the rule of never drink a cold beer when eating pizza... One should avoid cold water while eating as it congeals fats and oils creating disharmony for digestion and encourages deposits to bond to the intestines which has the opposite effect. On the contrary, drinking hot water while eating aids digestion greatly.

#7. Provides Pain Relief

In addition to the relaxation effect of the muscles and abdomen/digestive region, drinking warm/hot water can provide relief from cramps, menstrual pain and/or digestive spasms.

#8. Relieves Constipation and/or the Big D

Assists in maintaining digestive harmonics while allowing normal bowel movements. It can also encourage the bowels to move-along and cleanse the intestines. As well as, it can heal Diarrhea related issues when combined with black tea and/or fresh lemon.

#9. Promotes Mind/Body Balance

For centuries TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioners have prescribed teas, tisanes and hot water to promote more daily wellness. In fact, it was through the practice of drinking hot water, that the origins of tea where innovated. The philosophy of drinking hot water reverts to the harmonizing of the yin and yang energies. In fact, it is said that imbalances such as brain fog, fatigue, bloating, sleep issues plus are linked to the lack of harmonization of our yin/yang energies which should function as one.

Try some of our hot Food Curatorials

Try some of our hot Food Curatorials and Aqua Verdi Collection that incorporates all of these ideologies like our Imperial Allegro (click-it above), Imperial Broth, Canarino Tonic , Black Ginger (all of these tonics and broth raise your immunity and pH levels keeping your 1st and 2nd lines of natural defenses strong), and/or just plain hot water!!!

All are minimal yet powerful Recipes that keeps on giving plus an essential need-to-do.

(c) 2020 All rights reserved.

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