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Hydrate better

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Don't just hydrate...hydrate with water full of wellness.

Second in our More Selfcare vs. Healthcare Series and we are off to watering-hole.

What quality of water do you drink daily...? Sounds like a a banal question but think about it...

Is it clean, untainted? Where is it sourced? Is it tap water tweaked with toxins like Chlorium or Fluoride? Is it bottled water that is re-purposed tap water without the goodess of purity? Is it bottled mineral water housed in plastic and laden with BPAs that imbue each and every molecule that can act as xeno-estrogens to tinker with your endocrine system? Or...

A XL way to increase your selfcare and it is sooooo easy, is to be mind-ful about the water you drink since we are approx. 70% water and water is very program-able according to the Japanese Scientist, Dr. Emoto's Water Crystal Research. So how are you programing your body, mind, heart and energy in general?

Increase the quality of water you drink daily.

If you drink tap water, then make sure you are using the apropos filter to clean the chlorine and/or fluoride from your water supply. If you local water supply is infused with Chlorium (mostly N. America) then you require an Inverter to re-move the Chlorine. If infused with Fluorium, (parts of Europe, EMEA regions but do your research), you can use a Carbon Filter then decant and store in glass bottles. Both options ensure pure-r, safe-r and more oxygen in your water amping-up your selfcare for awesome health care!!!

Stay tuned for our next essay in this Selfcare vs. Healthcare series.

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