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Hypnos the power of sleep

From myth to the science of qualatative sleeping

This is for all those work-a-holics and night owls who have for years minimized the value of sleep...And for any who needs some functional know-how to tweak their quality of sleep.

Hypnos in Greek mythology is the deity of sleep who resides in the netherworld. A river to be exact that flows freely to and fro. In your state of sleep, unconsciousness, sleep or Hypos allows the body “relief, to forget and repair from its Earthly life, pain, and imbalance” and the science of sleep is not so different from the mythology of. Sure it’s more scientific less the mysticism or without the mystic or mythology if you will, but sleep does exactly this: repair, rejuvenate, and revitalize you and your living essence.

In fact, sleep is like one of your super powers for you, your body, your immunity, the largest organ of your body (ie. the skin and maintainng glowing, youthful radiance), mental clarity & focus, brain function, hormonal function and muscle recovery. Qualitative sleep and proper sleep practices are paramount for optimum performance.

Quality sleep strengthens your immunity and immune function. Likewise, it boosts mental health by enhancing mood and energy levels. Proper qualitiative sleep ensure balanced hormonal wellness. It also enhances brain functionality, boosts motivation, inspiration and creative intelligence. Also, it is critical for muscle recovery, repair and strength.

Thus, there are protocols to ensure you get more qualitative sleep. Employ at least six daily or better more and reap the benefits of sleeping like a baby!
  • Daily Sun Exposure and Vitamin-D (15-20 minutes btwn hours of 10am-4pm)

  • Daily Exercise (20-30 minutes)

  • Daily Grounding (15-180 minutes)

  • Daily Shower/Bath pre-bedtime (cleansing the body’s Auric field in salt water)

  • Multi-Daily Quick Cleansing Your Auric Energies with a Clearing Mist

  • Daily Energetic cleansing/clearing (envision a golden shower of Light cleansing your body)

  • Daily Sound Baths to organically tune and re-tune your energies with harmonious music & sounds frequencies (for inspiration get some of our tracks of Classical Harmony or Focus)

  • Daily Chanting, Singing, Humming, Toning and/or using various Mantras

  • Daily Meditation and/or Chakra Balancing techiques

  • Be mindful of daily EMF exposure

  • Cleanse/Clear EMFs regularly from your body/Aura, Home, Office

  • Install anti-EMF grids in home, office and/or urban gardens (query via contact form for consultation & details)

  • Use black-out shades in the bedroom

  • Maintain stable room temp. of 68-70* F / 17-19* C

Of course, a better diet also contributes to higher quality sleep. Try some of these suggestions:
  • Be mindful of eating, drinking clean, green, unprocessed food, no GMOs and nanotech

  • Limit dinner and/or night snacks to 2-3 hours pre-sleep

  • Avoid high saturated ‘bad’ fats, junk foods and/or processed foods

  • Limit alcohol consumption to 1-2 hours pre-sleep

  • Limit caffeine to 6-10 hours pre-sleep

  • Hydrate properly with a glass of water (preferable warm) pre-sleep

However, if you need a bite to eat pre-sleep try to program it (2) hours pre-sleep. These are some good food suggestions:
  • Warm milk, warm water, apple cider vinegar infusion and/or valerian, lavender or vervaine tisane

  • Greek yogurt, mild goat/sheep cheese

  • flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almond butter, raw oats and/or oat crackers

  • kiwis, bananas, berries, cherries, lettuces and honey

  • turkey slices

Some of the above assist in promoting qualitative sleep.

The rule of thumb is applicable to ensure optimization of sleep quality.
  • No caffeine 6-10 hours pre-bedtime

  • No food/beverage (except warm water or room temp. water) 2-3 hours pre-bedtime

  • No work 2 hours pre-bedtime

  • No EMFs, Bright lights, Blue light and/or eDevices 1 hour pre-bedtime

  • Airplane mode your telephones or turn them off

  • Never sleep with cell phones next to your head or body (ie. bed-table wether on or off)

  • Power-off Wi-Fi modums

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