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Ice-water or not?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What ice-cold water does to your body and why you might want to avoid drinking it?!

Ice water is great on a hot, humid day or is it?

Perhaps more of an American figment than international custom, when seated at a restaurant or cafe, ice water arrives poste haste. But halt before embracing this re-freshing imposter...!

Drinking cold water and especially ice water is under review simply because it poses more down-side than benefits!

Consuming cold water has a number of cons. Why? You be the judge...

The body's natural temperature is c. 36.6* C or 96.8* F and consuming something ice-cold requires an exorbitant amount of energy to regulate our core temperature; thus, stealing vital energy away that is needed to digest and absorb these nutrients. In essence, it robs the body these of these nutrients!

Likewise, some of the draw-backs can produce the 'brain freeze' effect or cold headache or sore throat. According to study done in 2001, women who are migraine suffers were twice as likely to drink ice water than water at room temperature. Not to mention the potential microbiom of most commercial ice makers which contain more dirt than most of us would want to admit nor mindfully consume.

Drinking ice-water and/or cold water prompts the body to retain bodily fat as it is a trigger that the body must retain more fat that insulate, protect our vital tissues and organs versus drinking warm and/or hot water, the body natural releases some of it's fat reserves.

Lastly but never least, the drinking of warm and/or hot water-based beverages in a warm/hot climate, actually acclimatizes the body more harmoniously to its environment less the energetic dissonance, hence, tea in the dessert. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive but actually it is more effective with super value-added benefits than ice-water in 33*C or 100*F temperatures!

On the contrary to cold beverages, warm and/or hot tonics have so many threptic, re-storing and healing benefits. Our Canarino Tonic or Black Ginger are just a few of the many great examples, winter, spring, summer and fall. Hot, hot, hot!

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