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If life is a lemon...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Then learn how to make better lemon "aid"...For you, your wellness plus fight cold, flu, virus+++.

Lemons are super nutrients!!!

Discover how to fight cold, flu and virus with this elegant food curatorial.

As well as amp-up your Immunity, increase Gut Health, raise your energy to high-rez as it assists in cleansing, de-toxing, purifying vital organs in the body (ie. liver, kidney, adrenals and get the bi-products of with a fabulous skin radiance and glow-up).   This hot tonic combines a special synthesis of water and botanicals to assist cleansing and clearing your energies of the physical and non-physical energetic bodies, inside-out. Very high resonant energetic properties full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflamatories, lemonoids, flavinoids and more +++.   Great for to use daily, all year round to re-store, re-fresh and re-juvinate. It assists in re-balancing assisting with improved digestion, boosting immune function and tastes great. Plus get three verrry userful bonuses below and/or head over to learn more here.   + Purifying, Cleansing and Protective Gargle + Water Works Tweak + How-to Naturally Cleanse & Re-move Pesticides

(c) 2020 and/or Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe All rights reserved.

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