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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Part of our Immunity Up-grade Series ...Here's the "why" and "how" LOVE, COMPASSION and GRATITUDE raise your immune system.

As mentioned previously in our series, Fear is a most insidious form of contagion worst than most any virus.

In fact, you can get it with/without people’s snot, saliva and/or any gooey juju...Fear that is.

However, fear is more dangerous than an airborne contagion because it is mentally and/or emotionally disseminated and you don’t have to get “infected with Coronavirius” or any other dis-ease to get it and/or be a carrier.

However, there is a 120% cure for this acrid contagion that you have and big pharma does not!!!

What is it, you ask? It’s called living with Love in your heart daily. Practicing like habit and/or pattern the act of loving the self, loving another whether it be friend, family and/or neighbor and living in love with life with the compassion of forgiveness within our hearts. Why? Because in actuality to be-grudge another, in truth begrudges our heart first and foremost, thus, it is most damaging to the self versus simply, forgiving another who has trespassed as you are first forgiving the inner self and doing yourself the biggest favor of all for you and subsequently, the other. In essence, there is NO better cure for fear and no better cure for you and your heart than Love, Compassion and Gratitude.

Live in Gratitude, Compassion and Love

If Love’s energy is the fabric we are made from by our Creator, then let's compare energetic frequencies (ie. wave length) as they are measured in Hertz per the chart below.

Get the "why" on our next Version of our Immunity Upgrade Series that outlines "how" on implementing a Daily Meditation practice can increase your joy, happiness and wellness as new research suggests by 20% ++

Until then, LOVE a little on our mediation with Venusian vibes and allow this Classical Meditation soothe with HARMONY.

(c) 2020 and on Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe All rights reserved.

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