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Immune up-grade 10.1

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Hippocrates said, "we be-come what we eat" and this is fact: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. So what have you been eating? What's for lunch today? What will you eat tomorrow?

It’s no secret based on the ALL the processed, junk and chem content in our food, environments, on the supermarket shelves, pharmacies and sensationalistic media … We have NOT been "feeding" ourselves well or our immune systems !!!

Coupled with invisible contagions like negativity, stress and fear in our daily lives…

And what about the nefarious contagions such as BPAs from all the plastic bottles that infiltrate our seas, sea life and food chains or the toxic chems like fluoride or chloride in our drinking water not to mention our dental care and the EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) that linger silently 24/7…

Or worse the stealth contagions of RFs (radioactive frequencies) that are readying to go-live as we speak as 5G telecommunications…!!!

Perhaps we might NOT want to allow this to run-freely or frequently through us; our lives and might re-focus our efforts on increasing our intake of clean, green plant-based foods and decreasing the animal protein and dairy on a daily basis, as well as, re-affirm your desire to continue to live as “we the people” with civil liberties, freedoms and the pursuit of happiness versus not.

Here's our suggested hit-list to get started:

  • Cleanse and Clear properly your energetic bodies (physical and non-physical) daily

  • Re-Fuel and Re-Charge properly your energetic bodies

  • Clear your mind from the noise

  • Clear your heart from the hurt

  • Live in Gratitude, Compassion and Love

  • Say "NO, NO and NO" to 5G Tele-phony

  • Implement a Daily Meditative Practice (10-60 minutes)

  • Laugh Frequently, Laugh Hard and/or Laugh with all your Heart

And Remember You Are Enough

You are enough! You always have been enough whether you were told this or not. In fact, you are more than enough! So, say it daily, "I AM ENOUGH" with certainty. Say it loud and proud but say it daily.

Remember to remember what you may not have learned or forgot. No matter, re-mind and be mind-full of this everyday and live with more peace in your heart, life.

Up next, Version 10.1 of our Immunity Upgrade Series that outlines the "why" and "how" negativity, fear and stress lower and take-down your immune system and what you can do curb, avert and divert ...

Until then, chill and re-focus with our new Energy Tune-up Classical Meditation Series that drops your into blissful Alpha mode.

(c) 2020 and on Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe

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