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Keys to the castle...

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Selfcare is more wellness, abundance and wealth of health but the lack of selfcare is a problem waiting to happen…

Step-it-up on a mental level, be mind-ful of what, who you invest your time in daily.

For instance, Mass Media should be filtered with great care! Do you own research vs. allowing the spoon-fed version to eek into your finely tuned space, place of wellness. Your body is your sacred temple of wellness or the lack thereof, inclusive of your mind and heart.

What are you listening to, reading on a regular basis...Who, what to you give your attention?
Who are your best friends, educators, mentors?
Who are the five people you share most your time?
Are they positive, proactive, encouraging, stimulating or not?

Why…because your Average Weighted Energy and Consciousness, is a calculated average of ALL theses experiences (ie. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). So adjust as necessary. And if you want to change your present narrative, we have some very userful yet quick Meditations to tune-up your energy that puts your into a more Alpha Brain mode to shape-shift your narrative. And last but NEVER least, LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH every day of your life. Its wonderful therapy for the everything and nothing!

Up-soon, more in this Selfcare vs. Healthcare series.

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