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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Long, natural eyes lashes are a sign of sparkling wellness...Alas how can you get longer lashes and tune-up your windows to the soul...

Readers have asked for a natural recipe for lengthening eye lashes, tuning-up tire eyes and the delicate skin that surrounds, naturally. This non-toxic, high-performance re-solution does not compromise your vision as some of these lash-lengtheners do but rather is a gentle yet power full multi-tasker.

And here it is ... Remember the old myths about Castor Oil?? It got a really bad rap but in truth it is a super power for many a things including lengthening your lashes ladies or gents.

The know-how is however specific...You must use Organic Cold-pressed Castor Oil. And the good news is you don't have to drink it or get your lashes laminated...Yikes!!!

Application of

Simply use extra virgin, organic cold-pressed Castor Oil, after cleansing your face and eye area well with a water based cleanser. Allow a bit of dampness to remain and apply a drop on your finger and smooth gently over a closed eye and eye lid while allowing the thick nutrients of the oil to soak in. Go to sleep and continue this application for 3 weeks an the results are super!!! Not only will this benefit you lashes but heal, repair any eye wrinkles too!

If you want more Castor Oil Curatorials, look for our forthcoming eBook with some marvelous life-hacks for health, beauty, wellness and ++. Until then, bat those beautiful lashes in any direction you want and smile. Then see what lovelies come you way.

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