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Lose the rubber-ducky with nuts?

What kind of nuts can help you lose the rubber-ducky?

Pistachios have more potassium than pecans?!

They also have more fiber than cashews and more protein than walnuts.(1) Thus, the ability to take inches; kilos off your waist is a smart way to achieve weight loss without altering your diet. “You are what you eat” as Hippocrates reminds and eating is all about the chemical alchemy of. So…whether you desire to loose the rubber ducky, waist-side for summer or permanently…Eat more pistachios, there are numerous reasons why!

In fact, the “why” of eating pistachios, in a nut-shell are: With proper potassium levels in the body, it works more effectively to prevent muscle fatigued.(2) As a result, individuals are MORE prone to engage in continued physical activity and burn more calories.

Additionally, fiber promotes feelings of fullness so people looking to lose weight are less inclined to overeat. Diets rich in protein, have shown in research, essential for building block assisting in the prevention of obesity, osteoporosis, and even diabetes.(3) Like fiber, it helps the body feel full for a longer period of time, thus, staving-off hunger.

Get our NEW "pistachio recipe" which imparts the specific variety that yields the optimum results, the quantity and the daily protein/calorie ratio that allows you to loose 11 pounds over the course of a couple months without altering your diet!!

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