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Love drug

Updated: Jan 12

Oxy-what..?! It starts like oxygen but it ends as oxytocin which re-creates a blissful feeling of love.

Oxytocin, just one of your happy hormones is the love drug but 120% natural. Yes, your body secretes this love hormone and it is all so wonderful, blissful, loveable!!!

But we can encourage the body to produce more of this ‘love drug’ by doing some simple actions. Try including some or many of these practices daily into your routine and see how you welcome yet garner more oxytocin that blissful feeling of love into your day and life.

  • Holding hands

  • Fun play with a dog or cat

  • Fun play with children

  • Holding a baby

  • Hugging a loved one or family member

  • Give a genuine compliment to someone

  • And Kiss, Kiss, Kiss someone you love...passionately!!!

You can also use these favorite modality like meditation to produce oxytocin.

This is a super power protocol which is as easy as dropping on a head-set and chill’in to some of our Classical meditative vibes (ie dropping your brain into Alpha brainwave mode which is uper relaxed and creative....Its like slowing down to go faster. Try Harmony or Focus as well our Energy Tune-ups such as Reiki Singing Bowls Re-Balance or Reiki Re-Juvenate Love. And, last but never least, the feeling of love, loving and being in love with your self and/or anther (ie. while your body is busy amping-up your love drug (aka "oxytocin")!!!

But don’t believe us, try it yourself!

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