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More selfcare, please

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Selfcare, Selfcare, Selfcare

This is a biggie!!! Emotional Intelligence or EQ is an XL factor and we live in an age where most of the emphasis in life has been placed on IQ (Intellectual Quotient) but actually its really a heart over a head matter.

Likewise, reflect on what are your emotional influencers?

Are they loving, supportive…Do they allow you to feel safe, secure…Are they nurturing your growth? Do they encourage you to become a better version of yourself? These are some key questions to “feel” into.

Up and expand your EQ to soar higher, brighter to more loving heights while taking your logic and reason to a deeper space, place. Yep, you heard well, Heart-Brain Coherence is the key. The convergence of the two in harmony.

Love yourself first then extend love to another. Its your anchor in safe harbor or whether navigating rough seas.

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