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Move over Bone Broth...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Mushroom Broth is more mighty!!!

Bone Broth has had it's moments and benefits, sure. Alas its gamy at best to smell even with its super perks of collagen prompting nutrients, repairing muscles and improving health and if you are veggie inclined....well, you simply cant' do it.

Now, lets talk about Mushroom Broth. Bio-hackers are even more excited for Mushroom Broth because everything that Bone Broth can do, Mushroom Broth it can do more. Much more.

In fact, your gut is your second brain and eating fungi is a super power for your gut to balance and re-balance it. The medicinal value of mushrooms is nothing new but what is NEW, is more of the benefits from a seemingly simple mushroom/s. Holistic properties include re-ducing cholesterol, anti-cancer props, protecting and cleansing the liver thus, having anti-hypertensive antioxidants, anti diabetic and antiviral props too. Just to name a few.

Mushroom varieties such as reshi, chaga, shiitake and several other species are titans when it comes to imparting their infinite powers to us. The great news is, if you don't find them fresh you can use them frozen and/or dried.

Reishi are known from their strong-arm immune boost, Chaga for their power-house of anti-ox effects and Shiitake for their anti-viral properties. Cremini, Portobellow, Button and Oyster mushrooms are also slammed packed with much nutrients and proteins. But in truth, there are so many more that give and keep giving exponentially.

But don't take our word for it. Get our best Mushroom Broth recipe here that is based upon an ancient Emperor's life and longevitiy. Its called Imperial Broth, Discover how this easy recipe of mushrooms which contain oxidative reversing properties that allow the body to heal, regenerate and even turn back the clock for more energy, youthful skin and muscle tone can add soooo much value to your lifestyle and quality of life!

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