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Navigate the energies in wellness, grace

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This is not medical advice! But rather...

'How to’ navigate the energetics which we are living through at the moment coupled with some solid wellness suggestions RE: living with/in more wellness, joy and high energy daily.

Firstly, remove yourself from the vortex of fear in this day and age. Whether it be media hype, social, family and/or local-international fear-based situations that amp-up the fright-factor especially in regards to this age of pandemic, just re-move the fear. See enclosed chart for reference.

Fear is a low resonate energetic vibration.

Also, remember that F.E.A.R. can be perceived as (False Evidence Appearing Real). We must be mind-full in our discernment and unallowing of spoon-fed fear.

Secondly, see fear as dis-ease itself and one of the most insidious of all contagions that punks your energies (mentally, emotionally, physically) low, low, low. Much worse than external infection because it lives within and corrodes your inner peace; hacking, vamping your vital life-force, essence from your biological organism. It is a Trojan Horse that you allow in-house or dis-allow.

Remember “You are what you eat (mentally, emotionally and physically)”, reminds Hippocrates.

Raise your energetic footprint, vibration and become immune to low-vibe situations, illness, dis-ease.

“Eat” well and be conscious, mind-full of where your attention goes as your energy flows there. Besides, the BEST medicine is prevention and the higher your energy is the less you are effected/affected and/or infected by external contagions including bacteria and/or viruses.

Some suggestions on tuning-up your energy high-vibe via your habits and patterns:

EAT clean, green, fresh foods less chemicals, preservatives, steroids and alike.

HYDRATE well with clean, pure mineral and/or filtered water less the Chloride and/or Fluoride additives. Drink your water room temperature and/or hot for optimum results.

SLEEP early and well while ensuring to get 7.5/8 hours daily.

BATH & SHOWER daily before you Sunbathe to recharge your Vitamin-D and cellular batteries with daily doses of 100% pure Sunlight where/when possible

SUNBATHE and/or GROUND daily without SPF for 10-20 minutes pending your skin type and re-connect to the Earth daily.

SUPPLEMENT daily with Vitamin-C. Recommended dosage during cold/flu season is 1,000 milligram/1 gram of (L) Ascorbic Acid but not only. All Cs are not equal=equal.

EXCERSIZE for 20-30 minutes daily whether it be Walking, Yoga, HIT Training, Isotomics and/or other athletic regimes.

MEDITATE 10-20 minutes daily with music, afformations, guided visualization, somatic, bi-neural beats and/or just sitting quiet, uninterrupted in presence. Try some of our cool Energy Tune-ups.

And live with JOY & GRATITUDE in your heart daily for all the goodness, beauty and wellness that already exists in your life and all the more you desire to bring forth.

(c) 2020 All rights reserved.

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