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Noot what? Nootropic

The unbelievable value of Nootropics.

What is a Nootropic? What can it do and Why do I need them?

The insanely awesome benefits of Nootripics and why you should "do" them and allow them to "do" you.

The word is defined as "a nutrient, of a substance, drug; enhancing cognitive function", however, we are only interested in Natural #Nootropics or "Noots". I could talk about this all day but will stream-line the contents for time purposes.

Favorite Noots and Nutrients

Some of my favorite #noots are #Ashwagandha, certain Green tea varieties like #Matcha, #Maca, #B6 and #B12, #Magnesium, #Cordyceps and #Reishi but there are various noots depending if you are using TCM (traditional Chinese medicinal herbs), Ayervedic herbs, South American herbs and alike.

Ashwagandha (Latin = Withania somnifera) or commonly known as Indian ginseng is one of the big players when it comes to noots. Its that superfood that helps amp-up and protect your cognitive functions, big anti-ager that helps smooth away wrinkles and lines, has adaptogen effects and affects, calms and restores inner peace as it assists in controlling the stress hormone #Cortisol. There are many uses for Ashwagandha but I will let you do your own research and determine if its right for you.

Read on for how to match the chemistry of your brain with a complimentary Nootropic.

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