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NOT now 5G!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Learn "why" you might want to exercise your option of NOT NOW to 5G Telecommunications!

Saying NOT now and/or thank you but no thanks at this time, might be a wise choice while you still have the option … As well as simply saying not anymore to:

  • the implementation of and/or more 5G telephony on the planet

  • using 5G telecommunications in general

  • installing of and/or more 5G towers

Besides being ridiculously high frequency radiation (RF) that has a toxic wave length which is harmful to our health, can replicate flu-like symptoms as well as other health hazards such as cancer causing, it also requires the further removal of trees to transmit and function properly. So preserve you, your loved wellness and the well-being of our green trees that preserve us!!!

Be in the know about EMFs (electro magnetic fields) and RFs (radioactive frequencies) and why and how they are harmful to many and much. Do not believe us, PLEASE do you own independent research beyond the official narrative.

There are various ways to project yourself, your loved ones from these harmful EMFs and RFs. Clean, green food, proper hygiene and cleansing (beyond soap and water) is required, re-fueling, re-charging your body and certain crystals can assist and protect. If that resonates, check-out our NEW Essential Crystal Series.

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