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Personal energetics...the 1, 2, 3 and

Have you every thought of what you are made of beyond flesh, bone and spirit?

You are made of energy. Einstein reminded, “everything is energy” but some ancients like the Greek pre-Socratic philosopher, Heraclitus might also say, you are made of “the everything and nothing”. Simply speaking, you are made of energy and space.

We live with our physical and energetic bodies since we can remember ourselves alas many of us still have yet to master the four basic principles of energy (ie. personal energy management). So if this is our fabric of being then how can we better care for this intricate tapestry or dynamic energy system?

Here are some suggestions and thoughts on the subject that can assist you in tuning-up you, your energy and your life!

How not to hemorrhage energy

For example, do not allow yourself to be pulled into drama or gossip. Both are sure ways of drawing energy from one source to another. I see it akin to hijacking or parasitic behavior. Be mindful of drama and dramatic persons who insist on punking your energy. Also, it’s important to stay mindfully focused on what you desire versus what you do not as every subject is actually two. What is and it not.

Yes, what you put your energy into and/or focus grows exponentially from the unseen world of energy into the manifest world of the physical. This is distilled quantum physics.

How to conserve energy

I would say the most optimum way of energy conversation (both personal and environmental) is to live in balance; harmony. Neither swinging from one extreme nor another but maintaining a central focus and balance. It’s like tuning a radio station less the static. You need to centre the dial. A daily meditative practice, yoga, exercise routine of 20-30 minutes, mindful walking and/or quiet observation first thing in the morning to set your intentions for the day can make a huge difference in the quality of one’ life.

How to replenish energy

Hippocratically speaking, we can replenish our energy by being mindful of what we eat, think, feel and do. Whole, unprocessed foods less GMOs and/or chemical farming (ie. organic, clean, grass feed farming) will tune-up your energetic resonance, replenish and nourish our physical body.

Mindful thinking; heart felt emotions and prioritizing our attention on these high resonant energies (ie. being grateful for what you have, you wellness, family, friends, good food) vs. negative thoughts or what you do not have will feed our mind and hearts well.

Finally, our actions such as being consciously mindful to our actions and re-actions premised upon our garden of thought and emotion is paramount. It is this garden that shapes and reshapes our reality.

How to transform energy

Last but never least, learning to transform our energy can easily shift what seemingly appears as a dead-end situation into an opportunity that opens new doors. Understanding it is all about perspective and perception. For example, one person might say, “I can’t afford that” but another might say, “How can I afford that?”

More on transforming energy in another blog.

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