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Power Shields-up against EMFs

Updated: Jan 12

A continuation in our inflammation series, we would like to address and undress some of the silent dangers of EMFs, RFs, ionizing and non-ionizing waves. Perhaps humanity will not be able to out-run 5G and other dangerous EMFs or RFs but we can level-up our energy to neutralize, transform and maintain our physical wellness.

EMFs are invisible electromagnetic waves that generate radiation and exist all around us in the organic and man-made world. They form a spectrum of high and low frequency wave lengths.

Ionizing Waves consist of the higher spectrum waves and are shorter in wavelength. We recognize them as UV rays from the sun, X-rays and/or radioactive elements. They are most harmful to our bodies, create cellular distress and if not managed in a healthy manner on a regular basis create a cumulative toxic load for our wellness.

Non-Ionizing Waves or low frequency EMFs have a longer wavelength and lower frequency but don’t be fooled. Some of the sources include: electrical towers, power lines, cell phones, TVs, laptops, microwave ovens as well as other techie devices. These mechanisms produce Radio frequency waves otherwise known as RFs.

As discussed on our blog previously, EMFs, RFs and alike create inflammation and inflammation is one of the deadly three.

Fight inflammation, neutralize and transform the negative effects of EMFs, RFs with aromatic botanicals!!! Yes, they are a power house of defense. Here are some of our favorite suggestions to prevent oxidative stress keeping your cells and cellular structure robust to prevent oxidation, inflammation: Ginger, Holy Basil and Rosemary.

Ginger is an amazing botanical. It is a root vegetable and spice used for centuries in ancient TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayervedic Medicine though not only because there is excellent reason and research.

The gingerols are great anti-oxidants for many things not just prevention of oxidative stress and warding off EMFs and RFs. However, ensure you use only organic Ginger as root vegetables are greatly susceptible to chemical, pesticide contamination from the soil which impairs its viability, vitality, energetic resonance and of course, impart toxins to you.

Holy Basil doesn’t bear the name coincidentally, though it is also known to many as Tulsi.

This is a potent multi-tasking herb and should be consumed when you feel the onset of stress whether physical and/or physiological.

Rosemary or Rosemarino as the Mediterrean world knows it, is a player in the protection against EMFs especially gamma waves.

The plant contains carnosol, carnosic acid and rosemarinic acid alas, one needs to use moderation when using this herb. Too much at one time of the plant can be poisonous. Also, note the properties fresh or dried rosemary are not exactly the same as found in the Essential Oil. So savor your food with fresh or dried rosemary and/or pair a green sprig of rosemary with your favorite tisane infusion.

Taste drive some of our Aqua Verdi Collection and Skincare Food Curatorials with Ginger, Holy Basil and many other transformative botanicals and their Signature Recipes to create more food alchemy, high resonant energy and bliss in your life.

More anon but until then, stay well, stay beautiful and live in much joy!!!

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