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Re-Scaling Age, Oxidation and Telomeres

How can we scale and re-scale age and oxidation?

Why not start by identifying and measuring foods that age!

There exists a measurement, according to a new study presented at the 2020 European and International Conference on Obesity, as well as published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which correlates the direct/indirect link between eating processed food as a regular staple and your telomere length or rather the shortening of your telomeres (ie. the lengthening or shortening of your life span).

Telomeres dictate your biological age versus chronological age.

However, if you are wishing to lengthen your telomeres or curb oxidation, glycation and inflammation (ie. re-wind the winds of time), re-move the processed, fast food and/or junk food and re-focus on whole foods, fresh organic produce, grass-fed animal proteins, free-range poultry, wild-caught fish with a bigger emphasis on a plant-based diet, then you can lengthen your telomeres (ie. extend your life span while turning the clock back on your chronological age gracefully).

The objective is to eat more whole foods and re-move the unnatural refined sugars, starches, GMOs, the nanotechnology and/or synthetics from your consumption; thus, curbing the oxidative damage or shortening of your telomeres to allow your stronger, longer biology of existence to flourish in wellness.

New research from the University of Navarra, Spain revealed that “three plus servings daily of processed foods, double your risk of having your telomeres shortened” or truncate your life span.

Some simple principles to live by include the aforementioned plus incorporating more foods that contain anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C into your diet. Better to boost your C intake as well as other minerals from the food directly versus supplements (where possible) as the body can metabolize them more efficiently. Consuming more C rich foods such as kiwi and citrus fruits (ie. lemons, bergamot oil, oranges, grapefruits*, berries, cruciferous veggies, guava, papaya and others) as well as consciously eating seasonally will make leaps and bounds in your health and wellness.

Research shows that raising the intake of Vitamin C in your daily diet, slows cellular oxidation and the shortening of telomeres up to 62%. Additionally, another study concluded Vitamin C increased cellular lifespan while protecting the integral well being of the cellular structure, function.

Explore some of our telomere lengthening Food Curatorial Recipes which combine minimizing your oxidative, glycative and inflammatory stress, and/or maximize your Vitamin C intake while boosting your Immunity naturally.

*Attention with grapefruits if you currently taking any medication as they can interfere and/or create serious health risks. Consult your physician prior, if currently on meds.

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