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Salt installations!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Why are salt installations more than just minimalist aesthetics?

Some may think salt mundane; common place and give little if any attention to its value…But its superpower is more than just its white, black, gray or rose purity.

Salt is of the Earth and thus, carries a base frequency which assists in purifying your body but also your space when used in moderation. It cleans or purifies the energy of the space. It assists in creating natural harmony.

We have a beautiful suggestion that compliments any home, office and/or garden. Salt installations are easy to shape and create. Its feeling is Asian in its aesthetic leaning more towards a Japanese Shinto style but pluralistic in its ability to harmonize with most any space; place.


*1 Cup of fine sea salt

*1-2 TSPN of water


Mix homogeneously in a bowl with your hands

Fill any shape or mold with the moist salt; allow to sit for 24 hours; remove from the mold; and install on a small presentation dish; bowl in the desired area of your space that you wish to create more harmony

Tip: After removing the salt sculpture from the mold; mist lightly with a water atomizer to harden the shaped salt figurine.

For more "salty" know-how, food curatorials and/or dets on salt, read our Dirty salt please and Holy grail of salt.

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