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Salted lemon power

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The super powers of lemons and sea salt!

Quantum science now confirms that the physical world of energy that we see is only 20% which makes the unseen world of energy, a Giga 80% of what we can not literally see, smell, hear and/or touch but we feel with that other sense; knowing.

And yes, short of the long, Geo-pathic stress another kind of unseen energy, can be a given in any architectural space, place and is a very real situation. Dowsers for centuries have been able to find water where there seemingly was none and just like uncovering water, Geo-pathic stress is simply unseen energetic resonance that resonates within your space; place. It manifests itself generally, in multiple ways.

Positive Vortex

I would like to introduce, a positive vortex. An up-swirl of energy in a vortex, clock-wise motion. Placing a desk in a position near and/or on a positive vortex can yield many beneficial results such as increase productivity, success, more inspiration, creativity, etc. however, it can also be tiring depending on the person who is co-cohabiting with the positive vortex. Of course, you would never want to sleep in any given position as it would be disruptive of rest and relaxation.

Negative Vortex

Then there is the negative vortex which we want to avert; avoid and re-balance when we are mindful of its existence. Similar yet different to the positive vortex, the negative vortex spins in a counter-clockwise motion spiraling downward. Hence, encouraging energy to retreat, deplete and we can feel this by its unseen motion and/or symptoms off energy-drain, fatigue without logical cause/effect.

Using Lemons to Detect Geo-pathic Stress

This is were the lemons with sea salt can be of assistance. If you suspect, a place in your home; office suffers from Geo-pathic stress that has negative effects and affects (ie. you see the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture oxidizing without logical cause, take a lemon, cut it almost in half at the top and fill it with seasalt not chemical salt (sodium chloride). Place the salted lemon on a small dish in the place of concern and leave it. Monitor the salted lemon for several days, weeks and watch how it changes or not.

If it begins to mold green (ie. oxidize, decompose), there is a Geo-pathic stress issue in that given place and thus, you may want to consult an energy master, Feng Shui master for a remedy; cure and/or do some research as to how you can re-balance this energetic imbalance.

Note, it is a good practice to place whole lemons around the house (ie. under the bed, corners, to have a visual of how, what the energetics are in your space as negative energy can create dis-ease in the physical body over time.

Learning the Nature of Energy

Remember the nature of energy is fluid but it can also become static; stuck. According to the Ancient Chinese the larger energetics of the Earth change roughly every year and this change is reflected by what they call Feng Shui Flying Stars. To under more about these greater energies like are luminaries, planets and asteroids or even an active water source under your apartment building, get yourself familiar with some good Feng Shui practices and learn how to diagram your home; office to arrange the flow of energy to optimum. There lots of easy sites and books like Feng Shui Revealed by Master Chin and more.

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