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Seed-cycling for hormonal balance

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

How Seed-cycling can balance and re-balance fe/male hormones for increased wellness, fertility and verve of!

Seeing the value of the seed, seeding and seed-cycling is invaluable knowledge. From myth to logos, seeds and the culling, planting and eating of are referenced from Ancient Sumer, Pharonic Egypt, the Christian-Judea Bible to Ancient Greek Mythology and.

It is told and re-told through many ancient narratives that Humanity was given agricultural know-how from Divine knowledge, thus, shifting their consciousness from one a Hunter and Gather to Agricultural society.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict a time at the end of January, in a Gregorian calendar, but more in keeping with the months of Autumn in older calendars when the Nile would overflow and the deity of Osiris would re-turn from the netherworld to re-unit with is divine counterpart and wife, Isis to fertilize the land with plenty. It is a time when water like emotion fills the banks and fields of grain full, impregnating Gaia with new life. It is also said in Ancient Greek myth that the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Persephone, ascends or re-turns from the underworld back to the Earth into a Mother's arms.

In keeping with many ancient rituals and traditions, even today, we throw grains of rice onto newly weds to ensure seeds of prosperity, abundance and fertility in hopes this imbues their new life together.

While from Pagan Ancient Greece to Orthodox Capadocia, any newly married couple would feast lavishly with family, friends and loved ones on a cornucopia of whole foods which included a full array of seeds. Why? Because seeds are un-realized; un-sprouted possibilities to be. New beginnings in wait; suspended animation but there are also numerous Hippocratic reasons why Sesame seeds were combined with honey into desert-like treats known today as Pasteli an given to newly weds. The nutrients of this elixir would encourage; ensure increased fertility; stamina for both bride and groom. Even from pistachio nuts to candied-coated almonds distributed to wedding guests, these are seeds of new beginnings both symbolically and bio-chemically. Or Flax Seeds which in Ancient Egypt were reserved ONLY for the royal family and Pharaoh's Elite Guard.

Female Hormonal Health and Wellness

From the beginning of a menstrual cycle to the culmination of and beyond, Seed-cycling can ensure balance and harmony of ones chemical health (ie. hormonal wellness) in this area. If you experience any menses imbalance or not, you can tune and/or re-tune you hormones with natural integrity to maintain the balance of the two key chemicals which facilitate menstration: Estrogen and Progesterone. Yes, Seed-cycling is a natural re-solution for painful menstration, PMS, cramping, heavy or irregular periods and the re-balancing of.

It is a minimal ideology that is very old yet has been forgotten or lost within a big-pharma based present day. Alas it works deliciously!!

On days 1-14 or leading up to your period, consume daily 1 TBSP of Flax seeds (pummeled) and 1 TBSP of Pumpkin seeds. You may consume it as such or paired with additional compliments (ie. yogurt, honey, and alike). These phyto-nutrients boost the levels of estrogen naturally while flax seeds contain Lingans that bond to harmful xeno-estrogens.

On the remaining days 15-28 or the second half of your monthly menses cycle, consume daily 1 TBSP Sunflower seeds and 1 TBSP Sesame seeds (ie. ibid above). The phyto-nutrients from both sunflower and sesame sees enhance progesterone levels naturally.

Key note: All seeds should be in raw, natural an unadulterated form preferably without salt and of course, cultivated with organic integrity but necessarily organically certified.

Male Hormonal Health and Wellness

More on the absolute benefits of seed-cycling for more Male virility, wellness, zing, longevity and verve in our forthcoming eBook entitled Seed-Cycling available in our shop shortly.

But hey, don't believe us, test-drive it yourself and/or do your own research to see the awesome results!

(c) 2019 All rights reserved. @food.philosophy.reframe and @gfzaimis

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