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Selfcare vs. Healthcare

More “Healthcare” or more Selfcare?!

In observation and in practice, it has been our experience that if one employs more wholistic, high-resonant Selfcare, we require and need less “healthcare” because in actuality more selfcare is preventative healthcare. How do you do that?

For starters, the quickest way to shift any energy, is to change what you eat.

Shift-up your daily intake of food and beverages with more clean, green, organic and/or wildcraft foods as they have higher energetic resonances because they are more/less chemical, pesticide, steroid, GMO and nanotech free. For some inspiration, see our Food Curatorials that assist in assisting you to master your energy more.

Also, it includes being mind-ful of all the skincare, cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical products you use, apply to your body and/or your skin. Many of these ready-made over-the-counter products contain

A LOT of toxins and one would be wise to be-come more conscious about these d-evils. See our Energy Tune-ups for Face and Body, specifically our NEW Face Formula Series that really grows your glow.

This is first in our series of Selfcare versus Healthcare. Look for the forthcoming essays to drop. More anon.

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