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Slow down to go faster...!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Sounds like a paradox but it's real...Discover how to slow down while exponentially becoming more aligned and productive with more of what you are and desire.

artwork: Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh
What is Mediation?

It is the simple practice of mindful breathing, contemplation, reflection and/or prayer; an act of a written or spoken discourse expressing thoughts on a subject; mindfully aligning the physical and non-physical energetic bodies. It is minimal not complex.

A simple practice where you are your own guru but to learn from the learn-ed is a gift and often and honor. We are all students and teachers; teachers and students; thus, information and know-how is a like the river that flows to and fro.

Science now understands we we use 1-5% of our mental conscious faculties; generally and the remaining 95% unconscious brain is un-tapped resources. What if you could access more of your unconscious resources consciously? More of you; your potential; in more alignment.*

Meditation can leverage that infinite well of resource just waiting for you.

Who uses Meditation today?
From hot-shot CEO’s, entrepreneurs, visionaries, gurus to world-class athletes, celebrities, taxi drivers or your next-door neighbor, millions and millions agree the benefits of mediation are awesome!

Meditation is for anyone and everyone who is interested in more happiness, love, wellness, beauty and bliss via personal growth and expansion in their life.

Some of the scientific benefits of Meditation

Meditation has a multiplier effect and affect for the user across all areas of one’s life, including these areas though not limited to:

• Increases happiness**

• Increases energy

• Facilitates relaxation

• Increases longevity

• Stress reduction

• Decreased blood pressure

• Reduces depression

• Better sleep

• Better sex & mojo

• Less anxiety

• Decreases aging (by extending Telomere activity)

• Invigorates the immune system

• Higher Emotional Intelligence

• Decrease’s brain aging and oxidation

• Reshapes your brain by increasing brain’s Gray Matter

• Fewer headaches

• Free-flow inspiration and creativity

• Magnetic attraction to wealth and success

• Deeper connection with your peeps

• More compassion and much more....

FACT: There's a 1:7 ratio of growth (ie. 1 hour of inner work = 7 hours outer work)!!!

FACTS about the Conscious and Non-Conscious Brain:

†A selection of research premised from Harvard, Stanford and John Hopkins Universities though not exclusive to; from 2014-present. *Stanford University, Study on Neuroscience, 2016. **Research revealed that the use of mediation for over 30 days, increased an individual’s happiness levels by almost 25%.

Is Mediation safe?

Meditation is totally safe. In fact, mediation can be compared to listening to music and in this case, we have chosen the modality of music and language, for this reason. The use of various meditation methodologies have been traced back 5,000 years by many civilizations with a multitude of successful benefits.

Why does Mediation work?

It works because “everything is energy” as Einstein proved and we are dynamic systems of energy. Thus, all energy resonates at a vibrational frequency. On that note, always be mindful of the what and who you are aligning yourself with (ie. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually).

Want more info on the deets of Meditation...Get our quick-read book, Why Not Meditate? gratzie 75% off with this Coupon Code: LOVEME+ or even better taste drive some of our mini meditations (10 to 30 minutes). We've got Reiki Energy Tune-ups (Chakra Tuning and Re-juvenate Love and more) and Classical Tune-ups (ie. Classical Harmony and Focus & Learn Easy).

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