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Sunscreen, friend or foe?!?

Is your sunscreen secretly killing you?

Every subject is two. What is and what is not. Sure, sunscreen can help shield you from the harmful rays of the sun but it also shields you from the essential nutrients that make all your cells, tissues, organs and systems function in wellness. Adequate amounts of sun exposure ensure your Vitamin D levels and thus, your vitality. The New York Times calls this vitamin, "...the most important nutrient...".

And yes, the BEST way to get Vitamin D is from the sun directly. No, you don’t have to OD (overdose) on sun exposure but you do need a minimum amount of solar exposure daily less sunscreen.

Your eyes also need to naturally see the sunlight daily less the Ray Bans. Direct and indirect sunlight less the sunglasses from approx. 10 am to c. 3 pm can and will maintain, coordinate and ensure a variety of essential bodily functions from Circadian rhythm, sufficient production of melatonin and other key hormones, plus ++.

So, be mindful about your sun exposure and sunscreen, the levels of SPF of while ensuring the contents are non-toxic, natural and less the scary chemicals that can re-engineer your endocrine systems as xenogens.

More on the 1, 2, 3s of the sun and sunscreen in our need-to-know signature recipe entitled, Sunshine 1-2-3.

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