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The Super Vitamin

Some vitamins are more equal than equal but which ones?

There are many vitamins that are imperative to our lively hood and wellness alas some are some more equal than equal. I won’t say one is more than another as we require many vitamin nutrients but I would like to call the attention to one in particular as it enables many a processes for metabolism and for your body not just to survive but to also thrive!!!

Cats out the bag…It is Vitamin D

I like to call Vitamin D one of the Super Vitamins but actually its not a vitamin at all but rather a HORMONE that protects you and your immunity from illness, dis-ease as well as cold, flu, virus and the likes! The term vitamin D is used to collectively refer to a group of fat soluble steroids that are produced in the skin, when it interacts with sun light.

And the best modality of taking Vitamin D is through the sun naturally less sunscreen please (ie. as SPF are blockers of Vitamin D). Thus, its not surprising that in the Western World though not only sooo many adults as well as children are Vitamin D deficient!!! Yes, that's correct. They are deficient because of the sunscreens, indoor lifestyles, device driven environments and lack of common sense to take your sunlight in small, daily doses without sun block. There is a cumulative effect and affect.

Make it a priority to get 10-15 minutes daily less SPF and your overall health and wellness will thank you with interest. You don’t want to over do it but you want to build-up your supply gradually, daily (when, where possible pending your locale, time of the year and accessibility to natural sunlight). But you want to stock-pile your supply regularly.

Vitamin D is very important for many functions in the body. Among its functions include:

  • XL Anti-inflammatory

  • Supports Immunity and Immune Wellness

  • Supports cardiovascular health and regulates blood pressure

  • Important in the absorption of certain nutrients such as Calcium and Phosphorus

  • Assists in regulating Insulin and blood sugar levels

I am also attaching a gif for general benefits and explanation. You can also use oral supplements of Vitamin D though the best, best, best modality is sunlight.

Stay well and taste drive some our Signature Curatorials and Beauty and Vitamin-D as well as Vitamin-C one of the other super vitamins!

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