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The abundant U-guru

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Why don't you have more of what you want in your life?

In short, according to the Sages, it's your fault but don't take it too personally!

Alas the formula is pretty straight forward, assuming you can follow it. It is simple. Be mind-ful and conscious of your thoughts. That's it but many might argue differently...

According to the ancients as well as new Neuroscience Research, there is much to be said for tending your mental garden care-fully. And yes, stop scattering your mental energies with distractions; the negative this/that. Literally, stop focusing on the negative this and that. Stop focusing on what you DO NOT WANT and start flowing; focusing on what you DO WANT.

In essence, re-move the weeds from the garden (i.e. negative thinking, lack mentalities, self-worth issues, etc.) The weeds that other people or even we may have planted un-mindfully there. Once, the soil is tilled, begin, re-planting; re-seeding your garden with what is yours; with what you want mind-fully.

As "the everything and nothing" of life always is two: what is and what is not, keep watch as to be-come more in alignment; balance; harmony with all that you want. Feed and fuel all that you want as if it were happening now. Know this is yours as the Christ-consciousness references and believe it is yours. Should you find faith in believing an impediment?? Then simply re-place it with "commitment" to yourself.

Commit every day to you and your garden as you are the architect and gardener. Commit to what you want and release what you are no longer committed to. You will find that as you come more in alignment with you/your garden (ie. your physical body, emotional body, mental body and the greater energies of your higher-self), you/your garden will flourish in lush bloom. Over-flowing and glowing in high resonant octaves of all you have seeded.

The Formula is a simple one. When our body lives in wellness & pleasure; our mind in peace & joy; our emotions in love & compassion and our greater energies in blissfulness & ecstasy then we flow naturally into all that we desire.

So define what you desires are and "believe" and/or "commit" daily upon waking that today, where ever I go, with whomever I meet, I do so with peace, joy, love and full of wellness for myself and others. Imagine that going viral and thus, trickling out into infinity as energy always does.

This essay is based upon various ancient and contemporary perennial philosophies as well as spiritual theologies. It was inspired by a talk by Sadhguru which we found soul-inspiring. And if you are wanting some leverage on finding that alignment, check-out our Chakra Balance energy tune-up. It's a ten minute acoustic .MP3 that assists in re-balancing you and your energies that be.

(c) 2019 @gfzaimis and @foodphilosophyreframe All rights reserved.

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