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The food-mood factor

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

After translating portions of the Corpus Hippocratium, Hippocrates, the ancient Greek and father of Western Medicine could not be more clear and spot-on when saying, what many of us have forgotten or never knew. “You are what you eat” and “Let food be your medicine.”

We now know our gut is our second brain. It is home to a microbiom of millions and millions ++ of bacteria flora and if your gut is happy, you are happy since it produces 70%+ our happiness hormone, Serotonin but not only.

As since everything is energy and food is one of our primary energetic sources, why not eat high-rez energy since we become what we eat?! Food combining or as I perceive it, food chemistry is about mixing one plus one or more ingredients to create anew, a third. A similar but different creation or recipe that yields a higher resonant energetic result to feed and fuel our mult-tasking energetic bodies well.

For instance, there are certain herbs and spices that when combined with other foods increase the bio-availability or the body’s ability to absorb energetic nutrients. The botanical Ginger Zingiber officinale is an example of this. Ginger is in the family Zingiberaceae, to which also belong Turmeric Curcuma longa, Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum to name a few.

These particular botanicals and Ginger especially, have an expansive array of medicinal and culinary balancing/re-balancing benefits. It’s high-rez energetic properties allow our digestive system to optimize its function while increasing the absorption of the nutrients which we have consumed. However, when you combine Ginger with certain catalyst-nutrients as I like to call them, you can increase the bio-availability of the total nutrient intake (energetically vs. calorically) up to 2,000% thus allowing for optimum absorption.

Various universities see the numerous benefits of exploring more of Hippocrates’ ideology via the brain-food-gut biom such as Harvard’s, Dr. Uma Naidoo, as well as one of my favored Chefs, David Bouley. Both see the value in the bigger picture of food and mood, food-chemistry and food combining. Level-up your food and mood more with some of these wondrous spices: Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg++ and learn more of the brain-gut benefits as these super-heros of spice assist us in staving-off inflammation, oxidation and glycation. The three roots of all dis-ease which many western practioners circumvent but not all thankfully.

Want to kick-it-up to next level awesome and reap the benefits of this know-how, taste drive some our bio-active Food Curatorials and/or Signature Recipes or blissfully delve into our skincare and/or Bliss Kits which are spiked with many of these catalyst-nutrients, nootropics, adaptogens, anti-oxidants and/or anti-inflammatories that are 100% Natural * Pure Performance * Bio-Active and love to love you more and your food, mood, gut and radiant glow!

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