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The happy hormone

Updated: Jan 12

What is the natural chemical essence of happy via yours truly?

Seratonin, the mood hormone

Seratonin is just one of the primary four hormones that stabilize you and your happy as well as mood in general or not. Some see it metaphorically, as your mood-food chemical. We like to call it your happy-hormone!!!

In fact, a little scientific trivia, more that 70% of your Seratonin is produced in your gut. So, maintaining and/or building better gut-health is huge yet essential to ensuring your happy hormone is in balance.


This is a quick happiness-hack for all the coffee drinkers out there. Your chemicals (ie. natural physiologic ones, hormones, etc) love this Food Curatorial. One cup of organic, free-trade Espresso (or as your drink your coffee) with 1x bitter chocolate truffle. Down the hatch and voila! Your brain and body shifts into bliss mode and your day is filled with much more joy, happiness. Try it alas use with mindful moderation as too much of anything is imbalaned.

Amping-up your happiness and Seratonin

Some simple ways to up-your-mood and Seratonin during the day include:

  • Meditating

  • Eating whole organic, clean, pesticide free, non-GMO foods

  • Eating fermented foods

  • Cleansing your Aura

  • Balancing/Re-Balancing your Chakras

  • Sun exposure

  • Running/Walking in nature

  • Swimming

  • Cycling

Test-drive some our cool Energy Tune-ups and get more of your happiness on! Live life in more joy, wellness, harmony and abundance.

Remember joy and happiness (ie Scientifically backed) are huge anti-oxidants, modalities raise and build your immunity/immune system thus, increasing wellness as well as staving-off aging, free-radical damage and oxidation while allowing you to live a high-vibe, more healthy lifestyle.

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