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The skinny on lemon's superpowers!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Have we been lied too...Maybe we all have been?!...Lemons are not defunct they are a superpower!

Curiatorial food combining is an art of culinary chemistry.

Science suggests that the lemon tree finds it origins in India. Cultivated for more than 2,500 years, the lemon was later introduced into Spain and revered by the Moors and North Africa between around 1000 and 1200 CE. From here, it is said to have been further distributed around Europe by the Crusaders.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that eating, drinking lemons was an effective protection against poisons. They believed in the healing properties and used them in embalming. The Ancient Greeks also espoused much of this know-how and used lemons for cleansing, therapeutic healing, eating and purifying water. Later the Romans used lemons in culinary preparations, to fend-off insects and in drink but not exclusively to.

We now that lemons have a wonderful alkalizing effect. They are used in a wide range of aromatherapy, cosmetics, insect repellents, cleaning, medicinal uses (such as pre/post Scurvy, kidney stones, cold/flu, inflammation ++). Super high in Vitamin-C, bioflavinoids, pectins and natural preservatives.

Lemons are now used for their nutrients in high Vitamin-C, Ayurveda, mood boosting, de-toxing, improving digestion, boosting energy, lowering blood pressure, minimizing wrinkles and re-newing brightness and radiance to the skin, assists in cleansing kidneys and adrenals, trimming your waist-line and ++

Taste drive our Canarino Tonic, this is an elegant de-tox, alkalizing, anti-cold and flu Lemon tonic combined with Ginger and Black Pepper is a power-house anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory with cleansing, purifying and anti-aging benefits. The combination of these proprietary ingredients facilitates maximum absorption. This is an easy means to gently yet effectively cleanse your liver and adrenals while ensuring 7.2-4 pH awesome.

Enjoy your lemons and lemon-aid!

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