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Unconscious or consciously unconscious?

Mind little your conscious brain but mind MUCH your unconsciousness brain as it is your 95% un-tapped superpower!

What is the quickest way from here to there?

Your resource-ratio of conscious to unconscious mind is c. 1-4% to 95%. And yes, the unconscious mind makes or breaks, for better or worse, ALL the critical decisions in your life.

Some thoughts; suggestions on re-solving the seemingly unsolvable...

Science confirms that the quickest way to resolve the 'here to there' patternship or de-root a situation is not with the conscious mind but rather the unconscious mind. It seems the brain is both complex and yet simple. Its primary job, is to keep you safe and alive, regardless of.

Yet still, if you tell your brain something (right, wrong, high, low or not) your brain believes it. In fact, our brains are imprinted, patterned, forged at a very tender age with filters that are not even ours. They are shaped in Theta brainwave mode between the ages of c. 2-7 years old, absorbing everything like a sponge, everything and nothing that is given to us or not.

BUT... a belief is nothing more than an practiced thought like a habit a practiced ritual. So, what's really yours (ie. unconscious; imprinted beliefs) versus what is actually someone else's (society, family, loved-ones, etc)...?

Back to belief into habit....Conscious or not; virtuous or not, we may make and/or un-make our habits and beliefs. In fact, these simple beliefs and habits become who we are very much like Hippocrates reminds, "You are what you eat" while similarly, the Christian Biblical scripture tells us, "We become what we believe". Fair to say, we need to be more mindful over the beliefs and habits we espouse as we become them; whether they are becoming or not to us.

Yet Aristotle in this treatise on Ethics, written in ancient Greece, the philosopher goes on at length Re: how "we", the human, humanity are pre-disposed to happiness and offers-up the reason "why". In short, he states, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim…but happiness depends on the self.” (Ethics, 4th cent. BC)

Alas the word and meaning of happiness is perceived as subjective. Simply being, your unconscious may not be imprinted the same as mine and what makes me happy may not make you happy and vice-a-versa. Thus, our social imprinting which has shaped personal definitions of happiness while simultaneously masking our innate; endogenous happiness that we are divinely loaded and encoded with. See essay on Happiness...What is it Really? and the two biggest impostors that hinder it. Or stream Marissa Peer's talk on patterning and un-patterning the conscious via the unconscious. Sooooo insightful!

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