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Your Root Chakra

Like the roots of a tree, our Root Chakra is our foundation, anchor and the root of our entire chakra system.

According to the yogie teachings, this is the seat of Kundalini energy and the point where the energy enters the body. If the base chakra is firm, our life force can flow unencumbered through all the energy channels and stimulate emotional, mental, spiritual and physical development.

The first chakra, known as a Muladhara, supplies life force to the body, soul, and spirit. It is depicted by a four petalled flower as with a square and triangle in the center as illustrated below.

This chakra preserves and replenishes life and is as such tied to the survival instinct and the conservation of our species. This root functions as an anchor that grounds us and gives much-needed stability which is necessary for everyday life, especially in situations when you are exploring your spirituality.

If the first chakra is imbalanced, it blocks energy flow to all other vital chakras; energy centers.

The base chakra is associated with emoting that is forceful but not long lasting. Muladhara or the Root Chakra is tied to the core life elements such as trust and the ability to relax. It reflects emotions such as security, stability, and survival. If unbalanced or poorly functioning this can result in extreme ego-centrism or fear-based living. Stability of a firm base chakra is vital for health and life to thrive, especially in a modern world where equilibrium, structure, and order are often hard to find.

The animal that represents this chakra is the elephant. It is symbolic of prosperity, security, stability, abundance and inner strength which are all core elements of this energy center. Additionally, the very earthy and grounded bull and ox also denote similar characteristics.

Learn more about your Root Chakra in our Chakra Series, how to balance and re-balance this energy center with various Crystalline Tune-ups for your Chakras and/or our Chakra Balancing Mists.

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