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100% Natural * Bio-Active Botanicals * Re-Energizing * pH Awesome

All of our #MIY Recipes are about the alchemy of pure and natural ingredient technology for the body, skin, mind and/or aura. The philosophy and results are about moving energy to and fro.  Do NOT mistake these Signature Recipes for an average cookbook as they are much more with high performance, result oriented deliverables. They are mult-tasking Recipes to balance and/o re-balance. re-juvenate, re-boot and re-vitalize anew.



Water is the essence of life and keeping your pH levels c. 7.2-4 will ensure your more wellness, dis-ease free living, happiness and radiance! So let us help...


Why? B/c our bodies are 70%+ water and water has memory. Learn how to nurture your body with water with four essential varieties from the Aqua Verdi Collection (ie. green water) throughout the day/night to assist in re-juvinate, re-new your radiant physical, emotional and mental energies and slim down and the inches! 


Our awesome Aqua Verdi Collection recipes that hack you to a different level of awesome, radiance and beauty.


ALL of the coolers are multi-tasking and contains: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, nootropic, and/or adaptogenic nutrients 


FIVE Multi-taking bio-active, energy tune-up recipes + our bonus


Fruit Centric D-tox Cooler

A wonderful, alkaline tonic based on water, citrus fruit and green botanicals that assits in balancing pH and great for gentle cleansing and maintenance of flushing toxins from the liver and kidneys.  

Fruit Slimming Juice Cooler

Slims, tones and grows your skin's glow; supports the immune system; assists with minimizing allergy and/or asthema symptoms; super high resonant fruit mix with awesome yet gentle lymphatic cleansing properties plus pH alkalizing properties.


Mint Green Tea Cooler

A powerful natural, proprietary mix of high-energy anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, polyphenols, flavinoids and/or nootropics that have awesome adapogenic benefits for you, your vibe, skin and high energy levels. Excellent pH alkalizing properties.

Alkalizing Awesome Cooler

A water, fruit, daily tonic, great for assisting in balancing pH lplus hydrating with delight that is fresh and delicious! Raises and nourishes your vibration, radiance and energy.

Purifying D-tox Cooler 

A special synthesis of water, asian nootropic and green botanical to assist cleansing and clearing your energies of the physical and non-physical energetic bodies, inside-out. Very high resonant energetic properites full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflamatories, polyphenols and flavinoids. Hipprocratus said in 4th century BC, "One who has this herb in their garden, will always be well". Great for gentling moving stagnant energies to re-store, re-fresh and re-juvinate a radiant glow to you, your skin and your vibe.


+ Exclusive bonus: Water Works Tweak


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