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Aura Clearing Mist

Energy Tune-up Series

24 page eBook

Digital Product


100% Natural * Bio-Active * Re-Energizing * Pure-performance


Part of our NEW Energy Tune-up Clearing Mist Series. This an awesome

Aura Energy Tune-up Recipe


"Everything is energy" and likewise you are a dynamic system of energy. And because you are a dynamic system of energy, you need to know more about you, your energy and how to clear, cleanse and protect it for optimum health and wellness.


"Why" and "how" to keep your energy clean, raise your energetic vibration and live in more wellness, joy and high-energy!


Energetic Hygiene is essential yet most of us neglect it or have yet to learn about the non-physical world of energy that we are part.


IF you are feeling like someone just dripped their straw into your glass and drained your energy? Did you feel like someone just whammied you with "the bad eye", envy or malintent? Do you have a headache after an intense meeting with your colleague; boss or discussion with family member?


Learn why and how to re-tune and tune-up your energy with our

Aura Clearing Spray


Product Contents:


  • Bio-Active Recipe
  • How to Clear Your Aura


PLUS Value-Added:


  • About Energetics and Auras
  • Your Aura, Chakras and Daily Hygiene
  • Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Influencers
  • The Energetics of the Human Aura and Chakras
  • Strong De-fence For More Well-ness
  • Tune-Up the Your Energies and Healing Power More
  • Why and How


Our R&D is based on Scientific content, translation of Ancient Scriptures and no non-sense common sense.


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Aura Clearing Mist

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