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Winter Face Tune-up Bliss Kit

(33 page Book of Know-how + .MP3 Meditation)

Skincare Signature Recipes, Food Curatorial & Mini Reiki Meditation Energy Tune-up 

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Natural * Bio-Active Botanicals * Re-Energizing * pH Awesome


Like the seasons change, we must also weed and garden our eating, skincare and our spiritual hygiene routines to continually nourish, cleanse and grow the self in wellness. Our Winter Bliss Face-tune amps up your radiant glow inside-out. 


All of our #MIY Recipes are about the alchemy of pure and natural ingredient technology for the face, body, skin, mind and/or aura. The philosophy and results are about moving energy to and fro. Do NOT mistake these Signature Recipes for  average as they are high performance, result oriented, pure performance deliverables. They are mult-tasking Recipes that balance and/or re-balance. re-juvenate, re-boot and re-vitalize anew.



Re-face, re-fresh, re-vive, re-juvinate and re-youth your face, body and soul with our bundled Winter Bliss Kit.


5 High-vibe Energy Tune-ups that re-move stress & years from your face

  • Face Formula Pure Radiance Wash (Lux de lux foaming facial wash*)
  • Face Formula Re-Nourish & Glow-up Winter Mask (Lux organic botanicals with a powerhouse of synergetic ingredients that hydrate, firm and smooth lines, wrinkles*)
  • Face Formula Vitamin-C Serum (anti-wrinkle, anti-age, re-tone, re-firm, re-store your glow and collagen; 20%+ more absorbtion, radiance, firmness with our ingredient synthesis.)
  • The Celadon Tonic (an awesome beverage that assists to re-store, cleanse, de-toxe, nourish, tone and improve gut-health, skin radiance and energy levels; a gentle yet powerhouse delicious mix of anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic and anti-oxidant synthesis)
  • Mini Reiki Chakra Meditation (harmonizes, cleanses your chakras via real-time reiki session and raises your energy levels. Slow down to go faster; helps de-clutter, re-move dirty EMFs from the auric field and low-rez energies; great for on-the-go tune-ups pre/post a stiff board meetings and/or a regular basis as consistancy yeilds results).


*translated and adapted from ancient Hellenistic Egyptian texts, 3rd century BC.


NOTE: These are theme Bliss Kit bundles that include exclusive Signature Recipes that may or may not be available for individual sale. Check individual products listed per the image icons for more details.

Bliss Face Tune-up

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