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Sacral Chakra Energy Tune-up (.MP3 Meditation Curatorial)

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Natural * Bio-Active Minerals * Re-Energizing * Re-Balancing


Part of our NEW Balance/Re-Balance Chakra Series, this is an awesome Energy Tune-up composed as a crystalline and sound healing curatorial packaged in a (11) minute meditation.


How does it work?

The benefits of crystals and sound healing have been used for thousands of years by various ancient civilizations to balance the imbalance. Both carry natural energetic vibrational frequencies just like your Chakras. The meditation imparts essential positive resonance for your higher good; wellness.


The objective is to live in alignment with our chakras as they work as a system. But sometimes we need to give extra attention to our energy centers; chakras because if one chakra is imbalanced, the other chakras must over-compensate for this imbalance. If imbalanced for long periods of time, this can foster dis-ease, energy loss, ill-health and, and ++. The combination of these two modalities assist you and the given chakra to maintain balance, re-balance and harmony in your life.


The Sacral Chakra or 2nd Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second of our seven chakras located on our physcial body. Located below the navel, this chakra is your essence, the center of yourself and your emotional essence.


Location: below the navel - Color: orange - Organs: urogenital system - Identity: creativity sexuality - Functions: enjoyment of life, creativity, pleasures, desires, sexuality, emotions - Balanced energy: creative, emotionally balanced, open to one's emotions, balanced sexuality - Unbalanced energy: addiction, over consumption, lack of creativity and passion, depression

Symbolized by a vibrant orange, the sacral chakra could be seen as your inner flame, the burning fire of passion and self-awareness that we all need to succeed in this life and use as a powerful energy source for self-confidence and emotional well-being.


This chakra is the chakra of self-love and also creativity. The sacral chakra is deeply associated with pleasure and passion, and the energies produced by this powerful energy vortex are those that allow us to reach out and attain that in life which give us pleasure. It is vital to keep this chakra open; balanced in order to experience a life enriched by happiness and resourcefulness with a sense that we are doing the right thing.


In Sanskrit, this chakra is called "Swadhisthana", which translates "your own place".


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2nd Chakra Tune-up

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