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100% Natural * Bio-Active Botanicals * Re-Energizing * pH Awesome

Our Food Curatorials are Signature Recipes with a bio-active purpose, solution and result. They are about the alchemy of pure and natural ingredient technology for the body, skin, mind and/or aura. The philosophy and results are about moving energy to and fro.  Do NOT mistake these these for an average cookbook recipes as they are high performance, result oriented deliverables. They are mult-tasking synergies to balance and/o re-balance. re-juvenate, re-boot and re-vitalize anew.


Imperial Broth

This Curatorial recipe is adapted from the Ancient Chinese. It was said that some of these ingredients were reserved only for the Imperial elite as it promoted longevity, great strength, stamina and preserved youthful well-being. This recipe combines a special synthesis of water, asian nootropics, a select variety of mushrooms and botanicals to assist clearing and keeping your physical and non-physical energetic bodies, inside-out, high-vibe. Packed full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflamatories, gingerols and flavinoids and more, this is a true culinary delight that is super easy to prepare. Here is when haute cuisine goes "Less is more".


Great to re-store, re-fresh and re-juvinate a radiant eneretic vibe, glow to you, your skin and your well being as well as rocket fuel for your immune system. It also assists in re-balancing various imbalances and tunes-up your energy, beauty, skin radiance++ Plus, an awesome solution to send a cold and/or flu packing!


+ Exclusive bonus: Water Works Tweak



Water is the essence of life and keeping your pH levels c. 7.2-4 will ensure you more wellness, dis-ease free living, happiness and radiance! So let us help...


Why? B/c our bodies are 70%+ water and water has memory. Our "Imperial Tonic" is multi-tasking and contains: anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-aging, mutlitple nootropics and/or adaptogenic nutrients. 


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Imperial Broth

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