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Energy Tune-up Reiki Sound Meditational Series

"Reiki Love Re-juvenate"


Natural * High-Rez Energy * Pure-performance


Want more happiness, wellness, love and mojo in your life?...There’s over 5,000 years + of research that reveals the benefits of a daily mediation, prayer practice. 


The energy tune-up, meditation herein, is cymatic. It may be experienced with or without a head set. It is a real-time Reiki session encapsulated with the high-resonant, loving, healing energy guided by a Reiki Master.


It is a belief that Love is the fabric from whence we come. One of the most important relationships, we will ever have in a life time is with the self. Therefore, if we want more love in our life, we focus on expanding more love within the self first. Become more of what you want, and what you want will come to you as quantum physics reminds that like energies attract. 


Likewise, hands are very important in Reiki like intention. Both are directives of energy, creativity. They are the do-ers, facilitators, creators that guide, cleanse, caress and shape/re-shape our energies through the Divine. Hands are also used to salute and venerate as in the prayer-pose and the Namaste semiotic. Allow these loving, benevolent hands as de-picted in the Buddha’s Mudra (hand-pose) to shower you with more love and light; cleansing, balancing, re-balancing you/your aura. Namaste = "I bow to the divine in you." God bless. 


The sound experience contained in this audio .MP3 embodies organic sound frequencies that resonate and harmonize the energies as a whole. This meditation is totally safe and is experienced as listening to music. It may be used in formal mediation and/or background listening while working; reading; studying, etc. It does NOT contain bi-neural beats. It includes a +/- (10) minute micro meditation that yeilds macro results. Used on a frequent basis (22 days consecutively is the sweet spot). You will have many positive results.


Aristotle reminds us to "turn virtues into good character by our daily habits". A daily practice of meditation, prayer assists in shaping more "good character" within you as well as abundance, wellness, balance and joy into your life. Positive expressions from within yeild postive experiences. So tune-up! For detialed benefits of mediation, get out our Why Not Mediate? download also.


Suggested Directions

Use first thing in the morning upon waking and/or last thing in the evening prior sleep. This modality of use will optimize the energy tune-up and results. Enjoy!



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Re-juvenate Love

  • This file is an .MP3 audio file with album artwork. 

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